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Almar Services


There is no need to advertise our services as most of our clients know our company very well and have already formed their opinion over the years. Our principals know we are a good, exceptionally reliable shipping agent specializing in tanker vessels loading crude oil and oil products in the Black Sea ports, but at the same time they are well aware Almar Services is much more than that alone…

From the outset we realized we had to stand apart from the mainstream by offering a unique variety of services tailored to individual requirements of shipowners, charterers and brokers ranging from timely advance port acceptance confirmations to convenient financial solutions and legal advice. But one of the truly trademark features has always been our way of everyday reporting based on the extensive knowledge of the terminals we cover.

The traditional e-mail format can only get you this far though, so we have now decided to move with the times and take a further step by putting it all on-line and keep it updated round-the-clock for the convenience of our clients. This is very challenging, but, having been in this business for over 20 years now, our committed team of 18 professionals loves a fresh challenge and is determined to make it work. We pride ourselves on our reliability and reputation and are approaching this with an open mind, therefore your requests, recommendations or complaints will be more than welcome as the whole thing is still an on-going experiment. We do value your opinion that will no doubt help us to improve.

And finally, we intend to keep the content of this site compact and to the point (with the exception of this introduction note) so that it would serve as a source of no-nonsense useful information to everyone from a ship`s crewmember to a trader. We hope this will really make you feel at home in the Black Sea ports we cover for you.